Duirng the trip the couple met the sweet kitten, who became the very special member of their family


The couple couldn’t leave him there alone…

They were going on a trip together that day, when they met a very little creature, who was going to be a very special for them.

They had stopped by a row of olive trees when they suddenly noticed a cat that completely caught their attention.

However, the kitten was clearly in poor condition, covered in fleas, but he immediately started communicating with the couple and was walking with them wherever they were going .

The kitten needed immediate medical attention and the couple could not leave him there, so they decided to rescue him.

The sweet boy was named Kiss, the name of the town where he was found.

They took him to the vet and he was so brave that he just amazed everyone who saw him. Kiss was so happy that he was finally loved.

Because the couple had become so attached to him, they decided to find someone to take care of him until the trip was over.

On the day when they returned to pick him up, it turned out that he missed them so much that he just lay on his new dad’s chest all the way and did not want to leave him.

On the first day of coming to his new home, he began to explore everythin.

He got used to the new house so quickly, as if he had always lived there. He was already eating very well and sleeping peacefully/

The couple is so happy to have met the sweet cat as he has brought so much love and joy to their home.

He also has a new brother and sister, who welcomed him with great love and affection. They play all day and enjoy each other’s company a lot.

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