The woman who won a lottery, gave more than half of her fortune to charity calling it “Addiction to helping people”


She calls it an “addiction” to helping others. In fact, addiction can sometimes have positive tendencies.

We think that at some age we all dreamed of winning the lottery, but it is also important what we will do when we win such a large amount of money.

Cars and luxury homes are among the usual answers, but not all people dream of such things, as in the case of this British woman.

It was 2019 when 55-year-old Frances Connolly won the EuroMillions. She won about $145 million.

At first they started sharing it with their close people. In fact, the woman had a list prepared in advance and from the beginning she believed in her heart that she would win.

Connolly founded two charities, one named after her mother and the other the PFC Trust, which provides support to the elderly and refugees.

She spent more than half of his total on all of that.

This woman did volunteerring in St. JohnAmbulance as a child, and then was part of the AIDS hotline.

She was still a student at that time. In addition to all this, she provided tablets to the elderly, which enabled them to maintain regular contact with their families. She once noted that helping was addictive to her.

She noted that she has been helping people all her life and recently also spent 6000 pounds to help refugees from Ukraine.

She also menntioned that she was always against luxury living and was once amazed by how someone spent 25000 pounds on just one bottle of champagne.

She never regrets the money she uses to help peopl e..

“It just makes no sense to me to have that kisnd of money and not use it to help others.”

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