The poor dog, who used to live in the cage for more than 2 years, finally has been rescued and now has the most caring family


This story is about a poor pit bull who had to spend 2years in a cage because his owners didn’t let him out of the cage. His name is Landis.

The thing is that during those 2 years the dog grew up and the cage was too small and uncomfortable for him.

As a result, his body began to deform and he became a dwarf. He could not grow properly under such conditions.

Fortunately, the rescuers managed to save him from those conditions and took him to one of the shelters in Georgia.

Then they took him from the shelter to the hospital and hoped that it would be possible to treat his legs and straighten his shriveled body.

At the shelter, Landis received the great care he had always dreamed of.

He lived in those harsh conditions so much that the shelter really seemed like a paradise to him.

The shelter decided to turn to Second Chance Rescue, and they promptly agreed to take him to New York and give him the cure he needed.

He participated in various therapies to correct his body.

Although he went through a very bad life, he still loved people and especially receiving love and attention from them.

After learning about this dog and his story, after some time a very kind family came to adopt him and he is already enjoying his sweet life on the beach.

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