The man started crying out loud when the rescue team announced that he can keep his foster dog


They could not even imagine that the experience of their first foster dogs would be so life-changing for them and especially for the husband.

The Hoangs wanted to add another dog to their family, even though they already had another dog named Charlie, so they initially doubted whether they could take on such a big responsibility.

That’s why they decided to bring a dog from the shelter home as foster parents.

If they could take care of that dog, they would also be able to adopt a rescue dog.

That’s how they met Tob, who was taken to the US shelter from South Korea.

He was rescued by Band For Animal, a non-profit organization that saves dogs from being euthanized.

Tob quickly adjusted to his new family. He felt very calm and comfortable.

After just one day, the dog started to show his sweet personality. Tob just made everyone fall in love with him.

“My husband and Tob were simply inseparable. I had never witnessed anything like this. My husband has a personality that always puts himself before everyone else. I have never seen him like that. ”

One day, when a special team visited their house to do another home inspection, they decided to introduce themselves as Tob’s potential adopters.

And you can already guess that seeing Tob’s enthusiasm, they of course allowed the family to adopt Toby.

When Mr. Hoang opened the card of the permission, he simply started crying and that made everyone else cry too.

It was such an exciting moment.

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