The baby bear amazed everyone by sitting on the coach like a human to watch his favorite TV series


Mandy Stantich had just visited a dump in northern Manitoba to spot a bear, but what she saw there immediately made her quickly grab her camera.

The bear seemed to have decided to rest on a discarded couch and sat on the couch just like a man.

Bears are quite a common sight in this dump, but it’s not every day that you come across something like this.

Taking on the role of a tired dad was really fun. Sitting in a very human position, the bear seemed to relax.

He was leaning on the armchair with one hand and a leg crossed over the other.

There, right in front of the sofa, there was even a discarded television, which made the scene complete.

Bear was obviously going to watch his favorite TV series.

All that remained for a perfect evening was to take a glass of wine.

The bear probably decided to sit on the couch and rest after eating his favorite food.

Everyone will agree that there is nothing better than sitting on the sofa and watching TV after eating a delicious meal.

As it seems, the bears have started to understand this and apply it practically.

It turns out that we are not so different from bears as we thought before.

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