The man saved the life of a baby elephant after which he finally reunited with his mommy


For the sake of animals, there are people who are even ready to risk their lives to save them.

This forest ranger was one of those heroes who rushed to save the elephant without even a moment’s hesitation.

The newborn elephant was obviously in need of help, and he, realizing this, picked him up to take him to a safe place.

Their photos immediately spread all over the world.

Palanicham Saratkumar, from Tamil Nadu, India, on his way home after night shift when he was told that an elephant had appeared in the middle of the road and blocked it.

He immediately went there with some of his colleagues and luckily they were able to return the wild animal to the forest.

But the man understood that the animal had a reason to be in such a state and after a few minutes he understood what the matter was.

At that moment he noticed a baby elephant that was left in the hole and as it was too weak and small to move, the ranger himself had to take steps to help it.

Even though the animal weighed more than him, he simply put the animal on his shoulders to carry it from there.

He weighed about 188 kilograms, but this brave man managed to lift the elephant on his back to safety.

Fortunately, he was eventually reunited with his mother and they are very grateful to their kind rescuers for what they did for them.

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