The dog couldn’t believe that his owner was gone forever waiting for him next to his hospital bed


I am sure you will agree that dogs are the most loyal creatures on the whole planet.

The unconditional love and loyalty they have in their hearts is simply unsurpassed.

This is one of those touching stories that just melts your heart…

The faithful dog next to the empty bed, waiting for his master.

This photo has touched the hearts of millions of people.

The heart-touching photo was shared around the world in a matter of hours.

Moose was a 3-year-old Labrador when they wanted to euthanize him because the shelter was just full.

No one was coming to adopt him, so that was considered the only solution.

Fortunately, his angel arrived just in time, a kind man who expressed a great desire to adopt the sweet boy.

It was the happiest day of the poor dog’s life and he finally had his home, but unfortunately just a year later his father was diagnosed with cancer and after a few months passed away.

But Moose couldn’t imagine that his father was gone forever, not just for a few hours… He was patiently waiting for him to return.

The volunteers of the shelter, seeing that scene, were very moved and quickly took him to their shelter.

Everyone there loved him and did everything to get him adopted as soon as possible.

They shared the dog’s story on social media, waiting for a miracle.

His photo shocked the Internet in just a few hours, receiving thousands of reactions.

After that day, thousands of people wrote to the shelter and expressed their desire to adopt Moose. It was just great.

Just three days later, Moose went to his new home. We are so happy for him and we are sure that he is going to have a great future ahead of him because he deserves the best.

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