The missing dog came home at 3 am and started ringing the doorbell to inform his parents he’s back home


July 4th can never pass without celebrations and of course fireworks are an integral part of it.

This is a favorite moment for many and can be fun for them, but for many animals it seems frightening and causes anxiety.

It worries the pet owners a lot, because they have witnessed many times how it irritates their pets and they are afraid of the sound of fireworks.

One such incident happened in their family with their dog named Raja.

A few days before the holiday, the fireworks had already started in their area, and this caused Raja quite a lot of anxiety, and he was so frightened of the sound of the fireworks that he immediately jumped out of the house and ran away in an unknown direction.

His owners started running after him, but he was running so fast that they lost sight of him after seconds.

They searched for the dog for hours, but he was nowhere to be found. They even posted his photo on social media asking people to call them immediately if they notice him.

They mentioned in their post that there were phone numbers on the tag near his microchip.

The couple hoped that at least the neighbors would have seen him, but they searched for so long that they gave up and eventually returned home.

It was a very hard and tiring night for the family. They hoped that at least they would find their beloved dog tomorrow.

But they were in for a big surprise at 3am.

Suddenly the doorbell rang. And guess who was waiting there? Yes, it was Raja.

When they looked at the camera footage, they saw Raja’s nose ringing the doorbell.

After seeing that adorable face, they were so happy that they didn’t know how to express their excitement.

This smart and sweet honeypie has even learned how to ring the doorbell, even though they’ve rarely used it before.

We are very happy that Raja returned home safely and is with his beloved family again.

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