The deaf and blind dog who had been terribly afraid of people, has learned to dance with his mom


Only mother and daughter will understand that.

When Julie Elord learned about Binnie, a blind and deaf dog, she decided she had to adopt him.

Of course, she knew and understood that everything would not go smoothly from the beginning, but she was ready for it.

Binny was 11years old when they finally came to rescue him. The poor dog was rescued from a very “terrible” situation.

At first, when he was brought to the shelter, he avoided people and hid when they tried to approach him.

After living in terrible conditions for a long time, it is natural that he was not used to being surrounded by people.

Everything that was happening around him was strange and unusual for poor Bini. He didn’t even like to eat when people brought him food.

Of course, difficult times were ahead of Elrod and as it turned out she had a lot of work to do.

And here she found a great way to win the sweet dog’s heart. She decided to dance every day.

They have been dancing together for several years now, and since the dog is blind and deaf, Juli communicates with him through touch.

What Julie started doing is what you might call dance therapy, and before he learned it, he was always running away and hiding when her mom tried to pet him.

However, Julie was not going to give up. Sje believed that she would be able to win his heart and make him start trusting people again.

Although the dog doesn’t listen to her, she also sang for him and believed that it would help him.

It’s been a few years since Binny has been living in his new home. He now looks like a brand new dog.

Mother’s efforts and long-term therapies paid off. He now feels completely safe and of course trusts his mother.

No matter how busy Julie is, she finds time every day to dance with her beloved dog and make him happy.

Their bond is just so priceless and wonderful.

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