Even after losing one of his eyes the adorable dog continues to enjoy his life inspiring many with his own example


When the puppies were born, after some time 3 of them died, so it was assumed that Lucky was also going to die, because when they were born, he was the weakest and smallest of them.

A girl found out about the puppies after she read in a Facebook group that one man had puppies, but their mother died and she can’t take care of them now.

Reza had rescued many dogs in the past and had bottle-fed puppies tpp, so she wanted to help them.

The owner of the puppies asked her to take the puppies and take care of them. They were only 3 days old at the time.

So she passed quite a long way the next day to bring the puppies to his home.

The puppies were so small that they even fit in the hands of the girl, and two of them had albinism.

At first, she didn’t notice that they had any problems, but after a few days, they were seen having breathing problems and spitting up blood.

Reza immediately took them to the vet to find out what was wrong with them.

Despite their efforts, unfortunately one of the puppies died at the clinic that day.

Over the next few hours, two more pups died. Only Lucky was left.

It seemed to them that Lucky would die too , because he was breathing very badly and felt weak.

But there were born a glimmer of hope when they noticed positive changes in Lucky. He was getting a little stronger every day.

After two weeks, he even opened his eyes, and that very day they noticed that one of his eyes was in a bad condition and unfortunately they had to remove it.

But Lucky is able to overcome all that too and he is now 11months .

True, he still has many health problems, and his eyes and skin are extremely sensitive to the sun.

It’s all a result of albinism. But still, nothing can stop Lucky from enjoying life.

He even has special glasses to protect against ultraviolet rays and when he goes out, he wears them.

Despite everything he’s been through, he’s just the happiest little dog, sharing his bright and warm vibes with everyone.

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