When they rescued the cats from the streets, it turned out she had prepared a surprise for her new owners


The cat wandered the streets for years and had no hope that they would finally save her.

However, she finally found a very comfortable place and already has two kittens, which was the most unexpected for everyone. No one was expecting them.

When they found the cat, it was a completely muddy cat and it was obvious at first glance that it needed help.

Fortunately, kind people found the baby and saved her,.

There was another cat of the same age with her, which unfortunately could not be saved.

Therefore, at that moment, one of the rescuers decided to take the mission of taking care of the cat upon himself and do everything for him to provide him with a happy life.

At first it was quite difficult to catch the cat because it was afraid of people.

But finally he succeeded and he brought the cat home, naming him Mula.

To properly care for the cat, he turned to a local rescue named Chatons.

Mulan had been in such conditions for so long that only skin and bones remained. In addition, it turned out that she also had some infections.

The cat was still very afraid of people. Even when they took her to the vet’s office, she started behaving very badly․

But happily Mulan began to gain weight day by day. After a few days, she even started letting people come up to her and caress him.

During their next visit to the vet, it turned out that they were in for a surprise. the fact is that the kitten was pregnant.

A few days later, when the kittens were born, she didn’t seem to know how to take care of them, but when her owner placed the kittens on her belly, she immediately began feeding them.

After one day, it seems that her maternal instincts woke up and she was feeding and taking care of them all day and night.

The kittens felt great, as well as their mother. She finally felt calm and safe.

When the babies were old enough, they started finding forever homes for them.

Mulan, on the other hand, enjoyed her peaceful and quiet life with her beloved owners.

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