Mr. Happy face became the winner of the world’s ‘Ugliest Dog’ and now enjoys his victory with his beloved mom


Recently toolk place the ”UgIiest dog” competitionn, which has already chosen the winner.

He is one of the most unique dogs ever with a name Mr. Happy face .

The sweetheart is a 18-year-old who became the winner of the competition.

His mother couldn’t be more proud of her beloved dog.

Most of the participants were rescue dogs, including this sweet dog, Mr. HappyFace.

He and his mom won $1500 and also a trip to New York.

When the baby was rescued, the vets said he was quite an “old dog” and wouldn’t live more than a month.

He had many tumors and was undergoing treatment, so no one wanted to adopt the hairless dog.

But one day his future mother came to the shelter and when they met, he started to smile and seemed to be the happiest creature the woman had ever met.

Of course, she could not remain indifferent to that sweet smile, who immediately melted her heart.

It was the day she vowed to make the doggy so loved that he would never feel alone again and never remember how many terrible days he had before.

The mother hopes that all this will also inspire many other people to adopt dogs with certain characteristics.

After our winner finishes ”giving interviews”, he will return to his beloved siblings to continue having a wonderful time with them and of course to hug his mother.

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