The owner wanted to put his 17-year-old cat to sleep, but his angel seemed to appear at the right moment.


Lahmina Marano received a message from one of her friends who works at a vet clinic.

When he opened the letter, he saw a picture of a cat. It was a 17-year-old cat named Max.

Her friend stated in the message that the owner of this cat brought him to the clinic and wanted to put him to sleep, despite the fact that he has no problems and is completely healthy.

Therefore, they could not treat the cat in such a way and tried to find a home for it.

She also decided asked all his friends, trying to find a home for him quickly, because if they didn’t find a new home for the cat, they would have to put the cat to sleep.

They didn’t want that to happen, but seeing that there was no other option but to bring the cat home, she got into her car the next day and went after the cat.

In fact, She did not plan to adopt another pet at that time, but she also understood that there was no other option and she had to help him.

Sometimes in life there are such situations that are not planned and mostly they turn into the best events of our life.

When they met, Max was clearly troubled and upset, but he seemed to feel that she had come to rescue him.

At that moment it was like love at first sight.

The cat had been very angry in the previous days, but as soon as he met his mother, he instantly calmed down.

From the very first day he came home, the cat felt great and immediately adapted to his new home and family.

He seemed to remind his mother every minute how much he loved her.

All this seemed to be what they needed. Max is such a blessing and he was definitely not sent by accident.

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