After 77 years old the 95-year-old veteran received his high school diploma


Veteran seemed to have everything he needed in life, but something seemed to be missing.

Can you guess what? It is abput his diploma. Garofalo lived a rather rich and memorable life.

He used to serve in the armed forces, now he has a shop and a wonderful family, and he can also play the saxophone.

He had many achievements during his life, but one thing was still missing in his life։ he never got a high schsool diploma.

The thing is, he was drafted into the Navy in World War II, and he was about to graduate in just two weeks.

He told that after his return he was busy with his family. All six of his children attended the same high school as him, and all but him received their diplomas.

He shared his thoughts with his family that even after so many years, he still regrets that he never received that diploma.

So, his family decided to deal with these issues to understand how feasible it is.

Therefore, when they tried to find his data, it turned out that nothing was saved and there was no evidence that he was a student of that school.

Years later, however, they finally managed to find the evidence they needed.

His granddaughter had found an article on the Internet with her grandfather’s name on it.

At that time, Superintendent Joseph DeCorsio learned of Garofalo’s efforts and contacted the school’s principal.

At that time, an old record was found that clearly stated that Garofalo had left for the Navy.

Thus, the veteran is among the 2022 graduates of the school. He was awarded his honorary diploma 77years later.

Garofalo chose a suit and tie for the day. It meant so much to him.

“Oh my God, it was just incredible, I can’t describe how it felt,” Garofalo said.

He was so happy. His family members were also moved because they understood how important it was to him and it was the only thing that was missing in their grandfather’s life.

All that was also very characteristic for the school director and he considered the graduation ceremony one of the most important moments of his career after so many years.

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