They were absolutely ment for each other. The deaf puppy had been adopted by the deaf man


In the beginning, everything started terribly and one could think that there is no hope that everything will be fine one day, but everything changed and got its fairytale ending.

The pup was only 7 weeks old, but it had already gone through many difficulties.

After taking him to the shelter, it became known that he has a canine infection known as parvovirus.

It can actually be quite complex and can be life-threatening if not treated properly in time.

However, all that was just the beginning of his journey, and when it seemed that everything was getting better, new problems arose.

After some time of bringing him to the shelter, the staff noticed something strange about him.

The puppy was deaf and had poor eyesight, but they were sure that all this did not bother him.

The staff of the shelter, knowing about all these problems, did not want to give up and decided to make a post, telling people how sweet a puppy he is and all that does not stop him in any way and he will become a wonderful companion for everyone.

In the end, their efforts paid off and they found the perfect candidate for her.

A person named Nick, who had inexplicable feelings upon seeing the dog, just fell in love with the pup…

There was something between them that only they could understand. The thing is that they are both deaf.

Such things never happen by chance. They are simply made for each other.

Their connection is so wonderful and unique, that can’t even be described in words. Want to wish this adorable couple all the best.

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