”Here is the video of me and my new daddy,who takes wonderful care of me”


After the video appeared on the internet, it went viral so much that it even surprised their family members.

Its main characters were two sweet dogs: an 11-year-old dog and a 5-month-old puppy.

Seeing the pup, the family immediately fell in love and decided to take the baby to their home.

But the point of it all was how to introduce him to him future roommate so that everything would go smoothly and successfully.

Of course, at first they were afraid that they would not be able to get along well with each other and the adult dog could get nervous from his presence and do unpredictable actions.

Indeed, this could have undesirable consequences for them, if the older dog does not like the pup and does not like to share his parents’ love with him.

But from the very first minute of their meeting, all their doubts and fears disappeared so quickly that it seemed as if they had not even existed.

Everything went even better than the family members could have imagined.

The adult dog probably accepted him like his own puppy and as soon as he got used to him, he decided to take on the role of his daddy, and it turned out great for him.

the puppy felt very safe next to his big friend and accepted him like his father too.

The dog immediately made it clear to everyone with his behavior that everything will be more than fine and that he is ready to give him all his love and warmth.

It was one of the cutest meetings, a must-see. Just watch the video and enjoy the meeting of two sweeties.

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