Being rejected by her own herd the mini cow has found the best family being adopted by dogs


She was much smaller than the other members of her herd, so she was rejected and felt very lonely.

But fortunately, it didn’t stay that way and her loneliness didn’t last long.

After a while, she met her new friends, the dogs, who welcomed her with great love and warmth.

The couple found Haru in a Facebook post and couldn’t be indifferent and decided to save her life.

They understood how difficult it was for her to be in a place where no one accepted her.

So they wasted no time and decided to add the calf to their group of animals, but they were not so sure that the mini cow would adapt to the new conditions, especially the nine dogs.

However, after introducing the sweet cow to their dogs, all of their worries promptly disappeared.

Everything was going just great. The sweet calf felt like one of the dogs and even started behaving like a dog.

The sweet baby liked to sniff the new foster animals, as did the other dogs.

Dogs love her too, probably thinking she’s just eanother big dog.

She is also always careful not to accidentally harm little creatures.

Her adoptive parents just adore him and cannot already imagine their life without their sweet baby cow.

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