After the mother orangutan passed away, dad took all the responsibility to raise his daughter


As is well known, when it comes to orangutans, fathers are generally not involved in the process of raising their babies.

Females take on all the responsibilities, responsibility of raising their babies, staying by their side for many years.

That is the reason why the mother orangutans’ bond with their babies is the strongest in the animal world.

However, sadly the mother orangutan died, so the male had to take the initiative to raise the babies.

At first, it seemed to them that their father would abandon the responsibility of taking care of them, but these animals are more intelligent and sensitive than we can imagine. All of this was at the Denver Zoo.

The mother of the family died suddenly of a heart attack a few days ago. He was 32 years old.

Soon after her death, the father simply surprised everyone when he took over the responsibility of raising his daughter.

As it turned out, everything works out great for him.

He does everything so that his daughter does not feel the absence of her mother.

The dedicated father is doing a fantastic job and managed to amaze all the employees of the zoo.

He is very attentive to her and takes into account all her needs.

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