A good Samaritan resuced the tiny kitten from the middle of the sidewalk, which turned out to have a very rare disease


The kitty, who was rescued from the middle of the sidewalk, was so small and frightened that he curled up in the hands of his rescuer.

The man who noticed him that day was just out for a walk.

He suddenly saw the little boy in the middle of the sidewalk.

It was also found that he had a respiratory tract infection and because of that his eyes were completely closed.

He immediately turned to ”Kitty of Angels” so that they could take proper care of him, who needed immediate help.

He was rushed to the vet. The baby was named Rocco.

The kitten was immediately treated for his infection, after which a foster mother was found for him and he moved to live with her.

There, he received proper care and was fed regularly, so that he could recover as soon as possible and also gain weight.

All Rocco wanted was the love and warmth which he got from his foster mother.

After a while, however, it turned out he other problems too, so he was taken to the vet.

He was being treated for constipation and that wasn’t all․

The vet had doubts that the kitten had congenital condition, hypothyroidism, which affects growth and development. It is a rather rare disease.

He was receiving daily treatment, but he was so calm and warm.

He was showing everyone that he was very strong and could overcome anything.

He continued to surprise everyone every day, as well as his foster mother, whom the kitten loved so much.


He likes to be the center of attention and people come to caress him.

We are sure that he will overcome everything and will have the happiest life.

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