After being told he had 3-5 months to live the high school seniors decided to get married and make that day the most unforgettable


18 year-old seniors of high school Saddie Mils and Chase Smith tied the knot recently, but don’t be too quick to say they’re too young to get married just yet.

The most important day of their lives was filled with many intense and happy moments and emotions and there was only one reason for that… just days before their wedding, Chase was told he only had 3-5months to live.

He was battling an extremely rare and aggressidve form of cancer. They had already been dating for 6 months.

Saddie said that it was the most unforgettable day of her life and she did not regret that decision for a minute.

They had planned an outdoor wedding, and besides, they decided to hold the wedding ceremony at the place where they had their first date and first kiss. All that was so important for them…

Before learning about that terrible news, they had already planned big plans that they wanted to implement together.

They wanted to continue their studies together and perhaps build their dream life, but the disease unfortunately disrupted all their plans…

In any case, it did not stop them from having their dream wedding and making that day the most unforgettable in their lives.

Over the next 5 days, the couple told their parents about their plans and then proceeded to plan their entire wedding.

Saddie’s parents, knowing about all this, did not mind to all that and supported them in all matters.

Everything was done keeping all the traditions.

It was so exciting and full of infinite emotions.

Also see the photos of this sweet and bright couple from their wedding ceremony.

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