Officers rescued the tiny pup and loved him so much that decided to make him a member of their K-9 unit


We can endlessly read and listen to stories about dogs.

They are the perfect image of kindness in this world and when you look into their eyes you understand how much love is there, which they are ready to share with everyone.

All we have to do is love them and care for them. When they saw this little boy, he immediately caught their attention.

Officers Tavera and Mercado were on patrol when they saw a small baby wandering around the area.

They decided to take the little puppy and put it in their car because it was so small, they were afraid that it might get hit by a car.

They loved the dog named Hobart so much that they decided to take it with them to the police station.

Beautiful puppy also loved them a lot and felt so good with them that he would never want to leave them.

Therefore, he found the most suitable place there for himself. He became a member of their K-9 unit.

Also watch the video below. How perfectly everything turned out. Everyone is satisfied and happy.

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