Two women met the Rainbow Snake, which hasn’t been seen in the last 53 years


Something similar happened more than 53 years ago. This rainbow snake has not been seen for a long time, but recently this incredible looking snake was found in Florida.

The innocent snaske was seen by two ladies who decided to photograph it.

They were hiking in the Ocahla National Forest, located about 49 miles north of Orlando.

Then they informed about the amazing snake in a Facebook post.

The snake had not been seen for so long that they had already forgotten about its existence.

It was a big surprise for wildlife experts. The snake was last seen in 1969. Experts also said that these species are not poisonous.

They like to spend most of their lives hiding in aquatic vegetation.

They are very cautious and rarely appear in conspicuous places.

This snake that these women met was about 4 feet long.

The longest rainbow snake ever found was 5 feet 5inches long.

Before noticing the snake, they had heard of it before, but had never met it.

Therefore, they managed to take a photo of the beautiful snake and post it on social networks.

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