The elephant decided to stop the traffic and take a nap in the middle of a busy road


How sad our life would be without animals. This is one of those incredible moments that will remain in people’s memories for a long time.

This elephant seemed to be very tired and decided not to waste any more time and sleep right in the middle of the street.

How could he imagine that his innocent act would cause so much trouble?

The stubborn animal decided to delay everyone else’s urgent business by lying still for about 25 minutes.

The animal’s legs and ears were vibrating when it started to move and it seemed as if it was finally coming out of a deep sleep. Then the elephant woke up and stood on its hind legs.

He seems to have heard the driver’s request and decided to give in and leave his stubbornness.

“Hey boy… you blocked all the way. Please little boy, I really have to go to work, can you move somewhere else to sleep?

The driver said that he waited for more than twenty minutes, and it is true that he was late for work that day, but in any case he was happy to meet him.

In cold weather, the elephant can often be found lying on the concrete, because that is how it wants to keep warm.

Wildlife officials in the region have named the already famous elephant Nga-Thong, which means “golden ivory”.

The elephant doesn’t like when the road is busy with cars and buses, and he can’t sleep peacefully, so most of the time he is also seen by the employees of the national park. According to them, he is actually very kind and shy.

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