Family rescues sweet orange kitten by taking her to a shelter where she turns out to be pregnant


When the family found the sweet orange cat, they took it to the veterinary clinic, which was injured because it got into a fight with another animal.

The cat started receiving proper care there. After an ultrasound, it turned out that the cat is pregnant.

After finishing treatment, she was placed with the adoption team.

The future-mother needed a place where she and the kittens would be safe.

So Rene decided to take her home. The cat was a little shy at first and it was difficult to adapt to the new environment, because she had lived in the street for a long time and took care of herself on her own.

But day by day he began to warm to her new mom, even allowing to be caressed.

She already felt very well around people.

After a while her kittens were born and they were all so wonderful and sweet.

It was clear to her foster mom that this was not her first litter, as she handled it all like a professional mother.

No one knows what kind of life the kitten used to live, but it is clear that she is already enjoying it to the fullest.

The family of cats will remain in Renee’s care until the kittens will be ready to be adopted.

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