After being saved the orphan orangutan got adopted by another rescued orangutan who simply adores him


The baby was saved, but he was injured and had no family to take care of him.

His mother was killed by poachers who wanted to steal him from the wild.

Therefore, the baby was left alone and he was so small that he would not be able to live on his own.

Only a few months old, the baby had to live at least 6 years under its mother’s care to be able to get used to the wild.

The volunteers of the IAR team came to his aid.  Bringing him to their cemter, they decided to introduce him to Monty, a rescued orangutan.

Monty lost his mother nine years ago in exactly the same way as this little one.

The rescuers believed that she would take on the role of Anggun’s foster mother and help him endure life’s challenges.

In the center, Monty is known as a very fearless creature who also has a great sense of adventure.

Everything seems to have worked out great for them and seeing them together gave everyone hope that everything will be fine.

Monty is exceptional with her brave and bright personality, and now she can be considered a great mother too.

The little one will be able to learn from her everything he will need to cope with the conditions of the wild.

In time, it will also be clear whether the two will form such a relationship together that they will go to the wild together…

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