Grandma celebrated her 100th birthday with her great-granddaughter, which was also her 1st birthday


Vivian Dahl is already a 100-year-old grandmother, and her granddaughter was born on her birthday.

So wonderful, isn’t it? They have the opportunity to celebrate the most important day of their lives together and enjoy each other’s love and presence in their lives.

Vivian is not just a great grandmother. She was lucky enough to see 2 generations of her family and even more.

Most of the people will probably be very jealous of that.

She is so happy that she can celebrate her 100th birthday, on her sweet granddaughter’s 1st birthday. People of this age are called centenarians.

These two have already managed to give warm smiles and sweet emotions to millions of people.

Eloise has only been on this earth for a year, and she hasn’t even imagined what’s happening around her, but years later she’ll look at the photos and smile.

Vivian also shared her tips for longevity: No smoking, no drinking, no candy.

The first two are very easy, but as for the last one, it will be very hard to make promises about it.

The photo of Eloisa and Vivian holds so much meaning because it expresses several generations of memories that they seem to transmit through their eyes.

Happy happy birthday Vivian and Eloise! We wish you many such birthdays and bright days together.

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