During the marathon the woman stopped to save the puppy left on the side of the road and finished it with him


Khemjira Klongsanu is a great athlete who has shown time and time again how high her competitive spirit is.

In one of her last marathons, the athlete showed that in addition to being a great athlete, she also has a very big heart.

A stray puppy left on the side of the road made her stop and even forget about the marathon.

It was a 26-mile run, but whe could not continue and preferred to help the little one.

Seeing that puppy’s mom was missing and he was all alone, she could do nothing but save her.

When she stopped, she took the baby and stayed with her for the entire marathon.

She continued the marathon with the puppy, and after it they quickly went back to the place where she found the sweet pup.

They wanted to check if his mother was still in the area, or his siblings, but nothing was found.

Khemjira decided to bring the dog home with her and named him Nom-Chom.

The next day they went to the vet for a checkup and luckily he was alright.

The little one already has a forever home and is very happy.

He is now being cared for by his new mom and caring brothers.

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