When the kittens realized that there’s was already no need to hide, they followed their little brother’s example and came out to play


he cats realized that there was no need to hide anymore, so they found courage and began to meow to attract the attention of passers-by.

The babies, named Kara, Valencia and Kuti, were about five weeks old when they came to their foster home.

When they got there, the youngest of them immediately got out of the car and began to explore the new area with great interest.

He was snuggled tightly in his foster mother’s arms, but as for his siblings, they were still not so brave.

The two babies remained huddled in a corner and did not want to ‘communicate’ with someone.

At first they were too afraid because they didn’t know what was going to happen to them.

But Jennifer had a lot of experience and knew what to do that would make them warm to her.

When she brought a plate of food, they could not resist the temptation and came out of their hiding place.

That was enough for them to accept their new human mother.

Katy, the youngest, already felt at home and clearly loves being the center of attention.

Over the next few days, the other two finally let go of their fears and shyness and came out to play.

It was also thanks to their little brother, who, following his example, began to give up their positions.

Valencia and Kuti had some health problems, but they have already been treated and are feeling very well.

Thank you all for what you did.

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