The kittens who was born with wobbly feet, were so loved by their foster mom, that in the end of foster care she decided to adopt them


Both kittens were born with wobbly legs. They tried their best to attract the woman’s attention.

Meet Cyrus and Nova, the two gray kittens. Theye were taken to Saving Steve, a volunteer center for cats.

These sweet creatures kept hugging each other all the time.

The couple was born in a rural area. They were 4 kittnes and lived on the streets before finding shelter in the family’s barn.

It was obvious from the start that the two of them were developmentally different from their other siblings.

When they met on the street, kind people immediately turned to Saving Stevie and hoped that the cats would be provided with the care they needed most.

So kind rescues took the kittens in with great love and warmth, immediately finding foster homes for them.

When they arrived in foster care, they were taken care very well.

As it turned out, they both have cerebral hypoplasia. The veterinarian said that this usually happens when the mother is infected with panleukopenia during pregnancy, and it also passes to the kittens.

Cyrus and Nova were having a great time with their new mom.

As Briana told, these were her first kittens with special needs, but she was very happy that she was given such an opportunity and was entrusted with the care of the little ones.

The girl said that Cyrus was a real bundle of energy, and what refers to Nova he was a very sweet soul who was still desperate to be around people.

Day by day they began to feel much better and when they took their first shocking steps, it gave everyone happiness.

They love to play and enjoy every minute spent with people.

We’re happy to report that Brianna loved the babies so much that when they officially ended foster care, she adopted them herself.

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