The whale became very jelaous to see her favorite man standing with another woman and decided to splash water on her face


Without warning, the whale decided to douse the entire crew with water.

This whale, known as Tina, turned out to be very jealous of her loved ones.

Thus, she could not hide her deep feelings when she witnessed that scene.

The thing is, Tina likes one of the male crew and once she saw him standing next to a woman, she took a gulp of water and spat it out.

It was obvious to everyone that the whale did this precisely because she saw them standing together.

Of course, it is hard to believe that a whale can be jealous, but it was so and there can be no doubt.

It all started when the whale was moved to the aquarium and at first it had difficulty adapting to the new environment.

So that’s when this man appeared and helped Tina quite a bit to adjust to this new phase of her life.

Soon the whale became very close to him and gradually became very jealous of him.

To prove it, they also decided to conduct an experiment by asking the whale for a kiss.

They wanted to find out if she hated a specific person or only women.

And this was the result in the end when the women cameto ask for a kiss, the whale would just start humming and ”walk away”.

These creatures are known for their high intelligence, so their behavior is not strange.

Hopefully one day she’ll finally stop spitting water on the few female crew members she’s jealous of.

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