Super friendly dog waits every day to give warm greetings to her new friend who works as a garbage man


Dogs are different from everyone in this world in their behavior. Each of them has a unique personality.

They are always ready to come and befriend you. They only need a minute or two to win your heart.

Their love and loyalty to us has no limits. Their connection with people is based on mutual trust.

Such a connection can occur even when meeting the neighbor’s dog once or twice.

It happens when you often pass by their yard and greet them warmly. Lily is also one of the friendliest dogs.

Her owner loves his pet very much, considering her as his best friend, but he also admitted that she has another close friend too, but he does not mind their friendship at all.

Lily loved to greet all the passers-by and kept a close eye on them every day.

One day she began to notice that her family members take out the garbage once a week, and the next day a truck picks it up.

The sweet dog may have thought that one of the workers could be her next best friend.

On Thursday, a sanitation worker named David noticed this dog while doing his work and greeted her warmly.

The dog, in turn, excitedly started wagging its tail. That’s how they started getting closer day by day. The next time David came to see his friend with a treat.

And so their friendship started to blossom beautifully and every time the dog waits for her friend to come and every time they warmly greet each other.

The owner of the dog, in turn, did not miss the opportunity to capture those sweet moments, and the videos with their participation promptly spread all over the Internet.

Lily and David show the whole world what kindness is. They are so sweet.

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