After losing the job in the police because of his too friendly character the sweet dog has found a new job which suits him perfectly


Gavel is a wonderful dog who managed to capture the hearts of everyone in the police.

He is very different from other police dogs. He is extremely friendly and ready to warm everyone’s heart with his cheerful smile.

But the thing is, they had to fire the German shepherd of the police dog training program because of his friendly attitude.

Fortunately, in a short time, the sweet dog was able to find a new job that was more suitable for him.

On the first day, they couldn’t decide what to do with this dog, but after a short time, one of the program managers had an idea.

The sweet dog is now the Viceroy’s dog, taking up permanent residence at Government House.

As a result, instead of finding criminals, he now welcomes guests to Government House.

From the first day he moved there, he gave unspeakable joy to all the guests who visited the manor.

Now he even has an official title, Gavel VRD, which translates as viceroy’s dog.

The new job is definitely a perfect fit for Gavel.

He feels very happy and performs all his duties perfectly.

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