The 80-year-old grandpa built a wodnerful train for the rescued doggies, with which they go on new adventures twice a week


Eugene is 80 years old man who lives in Texas. Here, locals often abandon their pets on the street, leaving them to live as they can without any help.

And here came Eugene and his brother, who could not be indifferent to these creatures, as their previous owners did.

Eugene said they decided to help the homeless animals and started feeding them, then taking them to a veterinarian.

These kind people also help them to find their eternal homes. Then one day Eugene saw a man driving a tractor on their street.

At that moment, he had a wonderful idea. He thought it might be a great train for dogs.

So he took some plastic pipes, put wheels under them and connected them, and the train is ready. They planned so many adventures together.

The pets absolutely liked the train very much and they were surely pleased with such a wonderful idea from their grandfather.

They go on new adventures at least twice a week. It is just wonderful that there are such wonderful people who are ready to give up everything and lend a helping hand to those who need it.

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