The mother refused to raise the baby with Dow Syndrome, so dad made a decision to raise his son alone


When he was born, Yevgeny Anisimov was in infinite happiness.

However, when the doctor said that there was a fear that their son could have Down Syndrome, at first he was shocked.

Upon hearing this, his excitement was immediately replaced by fear and uncertainty.

The father left the hospital and started crying. What he heard was very unexpected for him.

But soon after, he actually became ashamed of his first reaction ․․․  And here his sadness turned into determination.

Eugene realized that he had no right to be upset and had to take care of the baby, no matter how difficult it would be.

When he got home in the evening, he quickly started studying Down Syndrome.

He could not even think for a moment about leaving the baby, but as it turned out, his wife had other plans.

She wanted to give their son to foster family.

Hearing about it, Eugene began to convince his wife that together they would be able to overcome everything.

Unfortunately, they did not agree and this led to the divorce. Since that day, the father has raised his son Mishka alone.

Every night he bathes the baby, then prepares dinner for him.

He does everything well, but father admits that it is difficult to do it every day, all alone. Fortunately, his mother helps him sometimes when he needs it.

To help Misha develop physically and mentally, the baby also goes to swimming lessons from the age of five months. He also started speech therapy.

Eugene is grateful to all the individuals who have contributed to help his son.

Eugene also wants to inform families about Down Syndrome and help them overcome everything he has been through.

If there was a competition of fathers, Eugene would undoubtedly be considered the best.

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