The man who once rescued the lion cub giving him second chance at life, can now receive the warmest thanks


The Internet is full of cat rescue news, but this man saved a much bigger cat.

Valentin Gruner rescued a big cat, which at first glance may seem very unusual and dangerous, but when he rescued the lion, he was just a small baby.

He named him Sirga. African lions are considered to be the main representatives of predators, and when we talk about wild animals, we first think of lions.

But no matter how powerful they are, their lives can be endangered, such as habitat loss or poaching.

If these giant creatures are vulnerable as adults, they would be even more vulnerable as little lion cubs.

Sirga might never have had a chance to see his adulthood without this man. This is just a story that deserves our full attention.

When Sirga was little, his parents were taken prisoner for animal feed, so he was born in a camp while his parents were kept there.

Sirga was the only baby, who survived, but his mother refused to feed him. So it was then that Val appeared and rescued him.

In general, we have always heard that it is a bad idea to approach a big predator, especially to communicate with it, but this is just an exceptional case.

The man had such an effect on the lion that they were simply bound by an inexplicable bond.

In one of the videos, he sees Sirga waiting for his beloved friend behind the fence.

Grunner approaches him as calmly as if he were an ordinary pet.

This is what can happen when you really trust the lion.

However, lions are wild predators, and this sweet lion is just a special case, so you should not try what Gruner is doing here.

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