The cutest raccoon with the coolest haircut ever has become a huge star on the internet


Meet the two-year-old sweet raccoon. His name is Yuni.

He lives in a wonderful family with his beloved owner, Joyce Thai. They are from Taiwan.

At first, Yuni was no different from his other fluffy relatives, but after a while he became an Internet star with his incredibly beautiful haircut.

His beloved owner takes great care of him, taking him to mandatory vaccinations every year.

The thing is that before that he always has to shave his hair.

So the hairdresser decided to make the coolest haircut ever, offering his owner not only to shave the raccoon but also to give him a very creative haircut.

He first shaved the fur on the sides of his abdomen, but as we can see, he left a luxurious pattern on the back in the form of big paws.

Yuni looks so cool. He already has thousands of fans from all over the world.

His owner publishes photos of his beloved friend almost every day, telling about his fun adventures.

In the beggining the baby had such an ordinary appearance that nothing could have predicted that he would become such a famous star.

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