After being kicked in head there was very little chance to live, but what happened next was reminiscent of a miracle


Peanut needed urgent care, so she was rushed to a veterinarian.

The baby was found in blood from head to toe with a traumatic brain injury.

The veterinarian noted that she was probably kicked or thrown out of the car.

What they witnessed was simply horrible. The baby was severely abused being left in that horrible condition.

If the rescuers arrived at the scene a little late, she could have died.

One of her eyes was also injured, so when she was first brought in, the veterinarians were not even sure she would survive.

But instead of giving up, the veterinarians and volunteers decided to do everyting to save her life.

After some time, the rescue team brought her to Columbus. There she was handed over to a foster family.

And what happened in a few days is reminiscent of a miracle. Peanut began to bloom day by day, making tremendous progress.

Looking at her, it already seems unbelievable what horrible things she went through. She is considered a real miracle.

Unfortunately, not all problems have been resolved. Because the dog was injured in the right side of the brain, the little one always turns to the right and walks in circles.


She also has vision problems, which makes it difficult for her to sit still.

However, in spite of all that she has gone through because of these cruel people, she is still very sweet and kind to everyone she meets.

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