The truck driver saved the life of ‘sweet alien’ , who managed to capture the hearts of all the shelter staff


The orphan baby immediately caught everyone’s attention, enchanting them with his sweet snout.

With a strange expression on his face, the baby miraculously survived, appearing in the shelter.

What is it, an alien? Probably not. Here is how it all happened before he got to the shelter;

A truck was traveling through the deserts of Namibia and in one of the parking lots, the driver turned the car and after getting off he suddenly noticed something strange under one of the wheels.

It rolled like a ball and made some sound when the man touched it.

He looked around, but the baby’s mother was nowhere to be seen, so he decided to take the baby to a nearby animal shelter so he would not be left alone there.

From the first day he arrived there, he was immediately taken into the care of a dog named Zara.

After seeing this sweet creature, everyone literally fell in love with him. These animals are not aggressive, although their paws are very strong.

These animals love to feed on ants and can often become prey to large predators.

The baby feels well in the shelter and is not in any danger. Besides, he also has an excellent appetite, which is the most important thing.

After teaching him everything he needed to do, the volunteers released him into the wild, but each season he returned to see his “mother,” Erica, who cared for him while he was there.

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