The homeless man organized a birthday party for his beloved friend not even knowing what surprises life was preparing for him


The homeless people have almost nothing but a few things, but that does not make them less generous, but often the opposite.

Their conditions do not prevent them from giving as much as they can, especially to their only family, the dogs.

One of them is a man named Choco Jose. The video of him and his dogs immediately spread all over the Internet.

People were especially impressed by how he put a hat on one of his dogs, and seconds later he took out a cake and put candles on it.

It was already clear that a very special and memorable day was waiting for them.

He happily started singing the birthday song, then lit two candles and blew them.

Although they celebrated it on the street, it did not prevent them from having a good time.

Although they are homeless, they are very successful dogs and are happy with their lives because they have a father like Choco.

It will be the most memorable birthday of their life.

He could have used the money he spent on cakes and hats to buy something more useful, but he wanted to make it special for his dogs.

Choco was so happy that he was even started crying for a moment. He really adores his dogs.

It turned out that Choco had run away from his family, who were very cruel to him, so he became homeless.

Today he has nothing but his dogs, but even in those conditions, he did his best to give all them all the love of the world.

After the video was posted on social media, it touched the hearts of many.

After seeing them, many people started making various donations.

Donations from kind people helped them a lot. It was something that they could not even dream about.

Because of the video, people even started asking to be photographed with them.

One of the people gave him a new phone, and Choco decided to use it and create an Instagram page.

There he gives people updates about himself and his dogs by posting their photos together.

He also said that in that famous video they were celebrating the 4th birthday of one of his friends, Shaggi.

He dreams of playing music and building a shelter for his animals.

It is clear from their Instagram posts that everything is slowly settling down and now they are staying in a decent place and have the opportunity to enjoy good food.

This man proved once again that those who have less are ready to give more.

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