The doctor who has a heart of gold walks around to treat the pets of homeless people


It is often difficult for homeless people to find medical care for their pets, of course, but there is a kind-hearted person who has started a wonderful activity, doing what can change their lives.

Meet Dr. Stuart Quinn, already known as the “street veterinarian.”

This man devoted his life to selfless treatment of beloved animals of the homeless people of California.

He wanders the streets of California and treats the animals of homeless people for free.

He started this selfless mission in 2011. In addition to treating animals, he buys food and covers veterinary expenses if necessary.

Even on ordinary days, he always takes his medical bag with him so that he can help in case of need.

Because it was so expensive, the doctor decided to open a GoFundMe page to raise donations.

It often happens that the cost of treatment is quite expensive, as ear infections, vaccines, can be about $ 100, and more serious cases, such as tumor removal or tooth extraction, which can cost about $ 1,500.

So, knowing about this wonderful mission, many people started helping.

This man’s boundless devotion to animals is simply admirable and deserves our great respect.

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