The baby dog had such a cruel life that he didn’t even move, trembling all the time, but what happened then was just a miracle for everyone


Percy Cole had a very cruel lofe and he used to think that all the human beings were monsters.

He thought that everyone wanted to harm him and all of them turned their backs on him.

He was trembling all day long. When the rescuers arrived, he was so frightened that he did not even look at them.

He refused everything and kept trying to hide. He was somehow taken to a shelter, but he did not want to move again.

He thought that if he moved, someone would hit him or insult him.

They soon noticed that he was gradually becoming calmer in the company of other shelter dogs.

Nevertheless, he avoided people at all. They did not lose the hope of his adoption, and in any case, they tried to find someone whom the baby would trust and also it would help him regain his trust in people.

They fought for that intensively for more 8 weeks, then the miracle happened. A woman named Maggie decided to adopt the boy.

When they got home together, Percy befriended the woman’s other dog so quickly that she was simply shocked.

For the next few days, Percy simply blossomed, receiving Maggie’s love and care.

He even started wagging his tail for the first time. Everyone was moved by that.

This was such a great victory after all that they witnessed. We wish him a happy and joyful life in his new wonderful family.

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