Every day the sweet dog impatiently waits for his beloved friend, until she finishes her job and comes to hug him


The giant dog has the sweetest snout in the world.

Adorable dog has a normal day routine.He weighs about 185 pounds.

You will probably agree that he looks so sweet and soft.

The dog sits in their yard in front of their house every day and waits for his beloved friend.

When he hears her voice he asks his owner to open the door.

The dog has a wonderful friend. She is a postwoman whom the dog simply adores. It can be seen even from their pics.

She and the dog have become inseparable friends and waiting for this woman is the main thing in Fronki’s daily life.

The dog waits in the yard until the woman finishes work and comes to greet him.

The woman comes and hugs the sweet dog. When a dog hears a woman’s voice, he becomes so excited that he becomes uncontrollable and very emotional.

There is nothing more important for a dog than seeing his beloved friend and hugging her.

According to the dog owner, their dog considers this woman a member of their family.

The dog loves her a lot and her presence makes him infinitely happy and his day even brighter.

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