The wonderful husky rescued 7 adorable kittens and started taking care of them as his own pups


This sweet husky was walking in the forest one day when he suddenly noticed something. There was a moving box.

He decided to approach and check what was inside.

The box was full of kittens and at that moment the mother’s instincts seemed to wake up and she decided to help the little ones by adopting them like her own pups.

Banner has not once proved that he has a golden heart and is a very adorable dog.

She is not only very devoted to her mother, who adopted her years ago, but also to all those who need help.

The fact is that her human mother, Whitney Braille, has a disability and her wonderful friend helps her a lot.

In addition, she has great skill in rescuing needy animals and is able to take excellent care of them.

A 3-year-old charming husky dog ​​knows how to help when her mom suffers from anxiety or seizures.

She was still a puppy when her mommy brought her home, and since then she has grown up learning to help all those in need.

Whitney is also a big fan of animals, so they are a perfect couple with the Banner.

Here’s how they rescued 7 newborns one day.

Banner came and took the woman to the woods where she had found the little kitties.

After opening the little box, she took the babies out one by one.

The loving dog cared for them and was ready to follow them as much as needed.

Whitney took the little babies home so they could take care of them together until they were ready to find a loving home for everyone.

Thanks to the big heart of this hero dog, these cats are now safe and very happy.

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