The girl saved the life of the kitty who had been considered “extremely ugly” by everyone who saw him


In the cruel streets of Istanbul, the poor baby was suffering and no one wanted to help.

He was trying to survive as long as he could. The cat was completely ignored by all passers-by.

The reason is that he looked terrible and no one wanted to approach him, letting him suffer in those difficult conditions.

The baby was born with facial aberrations and one ear. In addition, he was malnourished and had several skin diseases.

Because he was considered “extremely ugly”, no one did anything for him.

But then a miracle happened. Immediately his angel appeared to rescue him from those hard and cruel days.

A 7-year-old little girl rescued him, taking them out of two garbage cans.

She did not care what the cat looked like, she only knew that the cat needed help and she should help him. So she did not hesitate to take the kitten home with her.

When she got home, the little girl begged her father to help her kitten.

Eventually he agreed, and they took the cat to the vet’s.

The girl and her father named the cat Gulumser, which means “he who always smiles”.

The kitten was first fed, after which he began receiving treatment against the parasites.

Then the veterinarian told the girl some wonderful news, saying that he could surgically fix the kitten’s face, after which the cat would be able to breathe and eat more easily. It was very good news for everyone.

The cat has already turned into a beautiful cat after several surgeries.

This is a great example for all of us that we should not judge books by their covers. Regardless of appearance, all living beings deserve love and happiness.

We thank the young girl for saving the cat’s life and providing a loving home. Everyone should follow the example of this little girl.

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