An elderly dog who had been abandoned by his previos family has found a new loving home


The family abandoned the 8-year-old dog, leaving him on the street. Ray was found on the streets of Torrance, California, walking alone and sad.

One could already see through his eyes how broken his heart was. He was so thin that he looked like a skeleton, and his fur coat was falling out because of his long hunger.

When the family leaves their dog, it is one of the most painful and heartbreaking phenomena, which will remain incomprehensible to us.

The family often decides to refuse the care of their sick or elderly dog, but they do not imagine the challenges that awaits them after leaving the dog in that condition on the street.

After all, they are always with us in our happiest and saddest moments, and at least it is not fair to treat them so cruelly.

They have to endure so much suffering and pain all alone. Fortunately, the dog was found by the staff of Carson Shelter, which is located in California.

Thanks to the good volunteers of the shelter, Ray was saved and began to recover and eat relatively better, but still, his eyes were sad.

Soon they decided to post an announcement on their page about Ray. And here is a real miracle. A family came to adopt Ray the same day.

His joy was immeasurable. He was so excited that he did not know how to express his gratitude to his new parents.

We pray for Ray’s speedy recovery and wish him to be always bathed in love and care.

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