After being born the little pony had become an orphan, but now he can take comfort in his beloved fluffy bear


He was left shortly after he was born. Later he was callde Breeze.

He was saved by the Mare and Foal Sanctuary.

The news of the orphan baby reached them after the farmer found the pony on a hill.

He was in critical condition when members of the team found the newborn.

Everyone was worried about the pony because it was dehydrated and the chances of survival were slim.

But fortunately when he was brought to the sanctuary, everything started to get better and he started to feel better day by day.

The baby apparently found the comfort and care he needed. That was exactly what he needed.

In addition to the care of the team, his giant bear, which the caretakers gave him on the day he arrived, played a big role in all this.

It was so cute to see him interact with his new friend, hug him and even go to bed with his lovely bear.

They make great friends and help the pony a lot when the guardians are not there.

They always provide a toy for their orphaned animals and have been convinced many times that it helps them a lot.

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