The firefighter, who rescued the pit bull from the cruel conditions, decided to adopt him after the baby would finish the treatment


They definitely always remember the kind people and the good deeds of those who saved them from the street life.

Chunk’s life was not so bright at the beginning. The puppy was thrown into the street and tied to a tree to starve to death there.

Fortunately, after a long ordeal, a group of Sacramento firefighters saw a poor dog who was still tied to a tree as they passed by, so the firefighters decided to free him and take him wit them to the station.

After reaching a there, they began to take care of the poor pup, which had swollen legs and a slight convulsion.

Most of all, however, he needed family warmth,. The firefighters, of course, were not veterinarians, and he needed serious treatment.

So they took him to the vet the next day. They immediately started the treatment of the puppy.

Chunk was so grateful for all the kind people did for him. He climbed on one of the rescuers and started kissing him.

He was so happy that he kept wagging his tail all the time.

Within a few days, the firefighter and his family adopted the sweet puppy.

They wanted to take him home so much that they were even willing to wait four months for him to complete his treatment.

Thank you so much for saving this beautiful little baby.

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