The vile man tried to kidnap the girl, but her faithful friend would never let anything happen to his young owner


A 10-year-old girl was out for a walk with her dog when here is what happened. A man approached them and grabbed her arm.

It turned out that he wanted to kidnap her. Fortunately, the girl had her faithful friend by her side, the brave dog.

Seeing all this, the dog reacted quickly and bit him to protect his young owner; This, of course, frightened the vile man, and he ran away quickly.

Thanks to this brave step of the dog, the young girl was saved. It really could be fatal for her…

However, it is better not to talk about the possible bad consequences that could happen.

After that the police arrived at the scene with the dogs and the girl gave the description of the man.

The suspect has not been found yet, but the police are still looking for him and are continuing the investigation.

This story proves once again the boundless devotion and love of our dogs for us.

They are ready to do absolutely everything for us, even to sacrifice their lives for us․

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