The family of the sweet Labrador has found the best solution so as he could greet his friends every day


Labrador loves to greet his neighbors and his family has given him that opportunity.

These cuties were able to form the most touching friendship and amaze everyone with their boundless devotion to each other.

The family decided to provide their dog with a chair so that Giuseppe could see Vito and Bambino who are his friends.

Tje dogs have found a great way to see each other and have no problem greeting their friends on the other side of the wall, but as for Giuseppe, he seemed to find it more difficult.

Their friendship started about 7months ago.

When the Labrador arrived, it was a very special event for the dogs, but it seemed to them that it was difficult to exchange greetings every day and it had become a challenge for them.

The wall that separates their gardens is too high for Giuseppe.

That’s why the dog ​​thought of creating different ways to see his friends, but in vain.

When the family found out about this, they came up with a great idea. That’s what their beloved dog needed.

Robert remembered that there was a comfortable stool in the house that could help Giuseppe climb on it and greet his friends.

It was just a wonderful idea. The man decided to take a picture of this sweet scene and sent it to their neighbors.

They were also very happy to see that wonderful moment. No wall can ever hinder true friendship.

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