The dog who was born with syndrome called “short spine” couldn’t have imagined what awaited him


All dogs are wonderful and deserve to receive family love and warmth, regardless of their appearance.

We will tell about a sweet boy whose name is Cooper.

The sweet boy has a genetic condition known as “short spine syndrome”.

He is considered one of the 30dogs in the world who has this disease.

Life was not so easy for a dog with this unusual appearance and he started his life with great difficulty.

Probably his owners had left him before because of his appearance.

Rescuers came to his rescue in 2017, taking him to a nearby shelter.

Unfortunately, things did not go as planned when he was placed in his first home.

But Cooper soon found his perfect home thanks to Ellie Keegan.

Many, of course, passed by this dog indifferently, but Ellie, who has a very kind heart, did not become one of them.

She has a great love for dogs with disabilities and wanted to provide Cooper with the happiest life, giving him all the love and care he could not even dream of.

Cooper is now feeling great and his condition has improved a lot.

Despite everything, thanks to his wonderful owner, Cooper now feels like the happiest dog in the world and even has many followers on the Internet.

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